London pub owner jailed for 7 years after killing rich American who looked … – Boing Boing

. Rostam Notarki is being sentenced to 7 years behind bars for pushing a shabby-looking male out of his club with an ironing board. He then kicked Hickox from the pub without returning his charge card.

Once outside, Hickox was “stabbed” with the ironing board, which pressed him right into the vista.

The sufferer pushed the landlord using among the racquets then escaped, sought by Notarki bring an ironing board, and his kid Kian possessing an iron bar.

When the victim realised the Visa card he utilized to pay for the wine was missing out on, he went back with a tennis racquet in each hand to require it back, having told his buddies he may “have to fracture some ribs to obtain it”.


Hickox came to be irritated.


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. Obviously, Notarki, proprietor of The Cardinal Wolsey club in south-west London, really did not permit the male, which came right into his club bring blue plastic bags and also speaking to his two plaything computer mice. When the guy, 53-year-old Charles Hickox, who occurred to be an affluent American gambler as well as drifter, ordered 3 bottles of expensive Italian wine, Notarki served him less costly bottles. The male was then attacked and gotten rid of by an approaching van.